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At Tapatio Auto & Truck Wrecking, we care about the environment, we recycle a high percentage of motor oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and gear oil found in the cars we have on inventory.

We're passionate about the safety of our customers, that's why we provide protection equipment when they get into our facilities..
"The parts I bought here look brand new! and I only paid half the price!."
-Alex Mora


  • Reuses 80% of the vehicle by weight
  • Saves over 80M barrels of oil annually
  • Adheres to high environmental standards
  • No product recycled more than an automobile
  • Recycling vehicles provides enough steel to produce almost 13 million new vehicles annually

Quality Auto Parts

We have a huge inventory of used OEM parts, and we pull them for you at no extra cost! Come see why we make the difference in used auto parts!

Fix it Yourself

Come see our inventory of salvage cars, save money and repair it yourself. Save even more when you buy your parts with us!

Buy it Repaired

Want to buy a salvage car but you don't want to repair it? We can do it for you! Our group of professional staff will repair and paint the car for you!

We carry all the major vehicle manufacturers on inventory, come visit us or give us a call!